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Curriculum Intent

Whole School Intent

  • Learning is a sacred experience which helps us to make Christ known in our world today.
  • Learning at St Charles is rooted in the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, inspired by the example of Pope Francis.
  • At St Charles we provide opportunities for children to develop as independent, confident, successful learners with high aspirations.
  • We raise aspirations, engender a sense of personal pride in achievement, provide a purpose and relevance for learning and ultimately help every student to find their own gifts, strengths and interests.
  • We encourage pupils to respect each other and have respect for people of all faiths, race and gender, ensuring children are well prepared for life in a rapidly changing world.
  • Our learners know how to make a positive and transformational contribution to their community and wider society.
  • We encourage our pupils to be the Gospel Activists in a rapidly changing social context.
  • At St Charles we promote high expectations and standards in reading, writing and maths across a range of subject areas.
  • Oracy at St Charles helps us to develop the communication skills necessary for learning and life.
  • Learning is memorable – we provide diverse and SMSC rich opportunities from which children learn and develop a range of transferable skills. 


Curriculum Long Term Maps

Find out about what we teach at St Charles

Long Term Planning Overview 2021-22

Curriculum Overview for Years 1-6

Come and See RE Curriculum Overview


National Curriculum

Find out more about the National Curriculum here


Numeracy / Maths 

What will my child learn in Maths?

Numeracy Expectations Year 1

Numeracy Expectations Year 2

Numeracy Expectations Year 3

Numeracy Expectations Year 4

Numeracy Expectations Year 5

Numeracy Expectations Year 6

A list of books which help support the teaching of Maths


How to teach Maths - 4 Calculations of Number

Stages of Addition

Stages for Subtraction

Stages of Multiplication

Stages of Division



What will my child learn in English?

Literacy Expectations Year 1

Literacy Expectations Year 2

Literacy Expectations Year 3

Literacy Expectations Year 4

Literacy Expectations Year 5

Literacy Expectations Year 6


Spellings at home help



Year 1 reading list

Year 2 reading list

Year 3 reading list

Year 4 reading list

Year 5 reading list

Year 6 reading list

Year 7 reading list

Boys into Books

Mrs Mad's Book-a-Rama

Reading Matters

Stories from the Web


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