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Post Christmas Homework 

Christmas around the world assembly

Christmas in Poland

Christmas In Spain

Mayoral Visit to St Charles RC

team poppy st charles school

The Epiphany


Christmas Holiday Homework 

Christmas holiday homework 2016

do all celebrate xmas the same


Past Homework

Beattitudes homework

Asia Home work - Time

2015 Easter Holiday Homework

Christmas holiday homework 2014


Numeracy / Maths 

Mathematical Booklist

Stages of Addition

Stages for Subtraction

Stages of Multiplication

Stages of Division

Numeracy Expectations Year 1

Numeracy Expectations Year 2

Numeracy Expectations Year 3

Numeracy Expectations Year 4

Numeracy Expectations Year 5

Numeracy Expectations Year 6


Literacy / Reading

Spellings at home help

Year 1 reading list

Year 2 reading list

Year 3 reading list

Year 4 reading list

Year 5 reading list

Year 6 reading list

Year 7 reading list

Literacy Expectations Year 1

Literacy Expectations Year 2

Literacy Expectations Year 3

Literacy Expectations Year 4

Literacy Expectations Year 5

Literacy Expectations Year 6

Boys into Books

Mrs Mad's Book-a-Rama

Reading Matters

Stories from the Web

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