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This half term, we will be basing a lot of our written work around Michael Morpurgo’s Private Peaceful. We will write letters as the characters, addressing their loved ones at home. Also, we will look at some of the War Poets, most notably Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. The children will write some poetry of their own using personification and other poetic techniques.


We will look at the number system, including very large numbers up to 10million and decimals up to three places. We will order and find the difference between negative numbers. We will work on sequences and formal methods to solve arithmetic problems using the four operations.


The children will learn about the beginning of Jesus’ public life and that he was tempted by the devil. They will know about the conditions for following Jesus and know that Jesus performs mighty works, wonders and signs. They will learn that through his parables Jesus invites people into the Kingdom of God. They will develop an understanding that deeds, and not just words, are required by Jesus, through the example of the Parable of the two sons.


 In Lessons on the First World War, we will look at why the war started and who was involved in it. We will learn about life in the trenches and key battles in the war. We will learn about different weapons and tactics that were developed to fight the war and what finally brought the war to an end. Finally, we will look at the legacy of the armistice and why we remember the First World War today.

In DT, we will be learning sew! Ladies from the UCM at the church will come in to teach us this important life skill in the coming weeks, just as they have for the last two years.

I hope you all enjoy your first half term in Year 6 and, more importantly, get down to hard work and learn a lot.


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