PSQM Press Release - May 2017

School Awarded Primary Science Quality Mark


Primary Science Quality Awards have been awarded to 168 infant, junior, primary, middle and special schools to celebrate a commitment to excellence in science teaching and learning.  So far, since its national launch in 2010, over 2300 schools across the UK have achieved the award.

The Primary School Quality Mark scheme enables schools to work together to share good practice and is supported by professional development led by local experts. It encourages teacher autonomy and innovation while at the same time offering a clear framework for development in science subject leadership, teaching and learning.

The Primary Science Quality Mark is led by the University of Hertfordshire,  School of Education in partnership with the Primary Science Teaching Trust. It is supported by the Royal Society for Chemistry, the Ogden Trust and the Association for Science Education.

Jane Turner, PSQM National Director said: “Gaining a Primary Science Quality Award is a significant achievement for a school.  The profile and quality of science teaching and learning in each awarded school is very high. Children are engaging with great science both in and outside the classroom, developing positive attitudes towards science as well as secure science understanding and skills. Science subject leaders, their colleagues, head teachers, children, parents and governors should be very proud.”

4285 St Charles RC Primary School JT

PSQM round 12 awards Press release

Newspaper 2nd Edition

newspaper 2nd edition


Tell Me about The Spirit

Tell me what you have seen of life in this school,
Of acceptance, of welcome, of laughter, of goodness,
And your learning journey from mystery to mastery,
About your struggles to understand,
And the pleasure of your success.
Tell me about your friends and the joy of friendship,
About those you grew up with and grew close to.
Tell me about those who helped you and believed in you,
About those who encouraged you to achieve more than you could ever imagine.
Tell me about the gifts and talents you discovered in yourself,
About the opportunities you seized, about the risks you took.
Tell me about all your magic moments when it all came together and you felt fully alive.
And I will tell you about the power of the Spirit in this school.

Tell me what you know about right and wrong,
About love, compassion and caring,
About respect and justice and integrity.
Tell me what you believe,
What you value and treasure most in your heart.
Tell me about your pain and sadness.
And about your hopes in the midst of despair.
Tell me about the crosses you have had to bear.
And the strength and grace you found to bear them.
Tell me about the agonies of your Good Fridays and the miracles of your Easter Sundays.
And about everything that makes you feel proud,
and I will tell you about the power of the Spirit in this

Tell me what you committed to, what you feel really passionate about.
Tell me about those you most love,
Love in the deepest, most secret part of your heart.
Tell me what you are willing to die for,
And I will tell you about the power of the Spirit in this World.

Real Schools Guide 2016 - 5 Star Rating

I am delighted to let you know that on the Real Schools Guide 2016, St Charles RC has a 5 star rating. Please find the highlights below, or if you would like to read the document in full, [click on document below]:

Read our full report here.


Jeremy Strong to visit St Charles

Author Jeremy Strong will be visiting our school on Friday 13th November. Jeremy Strong's work is characterised by humour and direct child appeal. He thinks his writing has been influenced most of all by falling on his head when he was three years old and by eating doughnuts. He was not allowed to read comics as a child, and consequently discovered The Beano at the formative age of sixteen. His best-selling books have got many young children reading for sheer pleasure, especially boys, and he visits schools and festivals world-wide, encouraging reading, writing, not to mention and a lot of laughter.

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Tony Wilson on his visit to St Charles

Tony Wilson during his visit to St Charles

"The confidence, good-humour, willingness and ability of the children to capably join in with all of the activities I presented is a testament to the dedication and forward thinking of the staff at St Charles and the strong bonds that they have made within the community and their openness to welcome parents to so many of their activities. There is such a calm atmosphere within the school that reflects the unhurried ethos of "positive possibilities" to further the children's and the school huge contribution to their community. It was a true pleasure to have been involved in this project. I wish them all the very best for the future."


Tony Wilson Storyteller


Entertaining the Children

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