The 5 W's

St Charles RC is proud to be an authentic Christian school and to proclaim The Way of Jesus Christ.

Our mission statement is;

“As a family of God, we love to learn and learn to love”.


This mission statement is well known and used by all of our pupils, families, staff, governors and our local community.  We are privileged to work closely with St Charles RC parish and Msr. Paul Smith who comes into our school weekly and is a well respected member of the governing body.

The 5 W’s reflects the 5 ministries of the early Church, so to be authentically and distinctively Catholic we are called to be;

  1. A Welcoming Community—KOINONIA
  2. A Welfare Community—DIAKONIA
  3. A Witnessing Community—MARTURIA
  4. A Word of God Community—KERYGMA
  5. A Worshipping Community—LEITOURGEIA


5 Ws SEF

5Ws Action Plan 2016-17

5 Ws SEF 2016-17




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