School Policies

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Accessibility Plan

Admission of Pupils with Disabilities

Admissions Arrangements 2018-19

Admissions Policy

Anti-Bullying Charter

Anti-bullying Policy

Asbestos Policy

Asbestos Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour and Discipline Policy

British Values at St Charles

Charging and remissions policy

Child Missing Education Policy

Classroom Observation Policy


Complaints Policy

Curriculum Leadership

Data Protection Policy

Disability Access Policy

Dog Handling Policy

E Safety Policy

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy

Educational visits policy

Emergency Scheme

Equal Opportuntites Policy

Equalities Scheme

Faith Life of the School

Food Policy

FOSC Child Protection Policy

Golden Time Procedures

Harrassment and Discrimination Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Inclement Weather and Emergency Closure Plan

Lettings Policy

Marking Policy

Maths Policy

Medicines Policy

Peer on peer abuse policy

Phonics Policy

Safeguarding Policy 18-19

SEND Policy

SEND report

St Charles RC Home school agreement

Whistleblowing Policy

Young Carers policy

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