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Nursery Teacher: Mrs S Starkie
Reception Teacher: Mrs Y Holt
Floating EYFS Teacher and Head of EYFS and KS1: Mrs N Drake
Year 1 Teacher: Mrs C Leckey/Mrs R Coussons
Year 2 Teacher: Mrs A Williams
Year 3 Teacher: Mr M Harrison
Year 4 Teacher: Mrs C Brown
Year 5 Teacher: Mrs G Steedman
Year 6H Teacher: Mrs L Hackett
Year 6OD Teacher: Miss T O'Donnell
Head of Interventions: Mrs C Pennington


Teaching Assistants

Nursery: Mrs E Copokova, Mrs T Meek
Reception: Mrs L Hamer
Year 1: Miss E Leckie/Mrs J Thomas
Year 2: Mrs E Magee/Mrs Hall
Year 3: Mrs J Berry
Year 4: Mrs C Murray
Year 5: Miss C Grange
Year 6H: Mrs A Kenzitt
Year 6OD: Mrs S O'Brien, Miss S Kennedy


Support Staff:

Caretaker: Mr A Williams
School Business Manager: Mrs D Shearer
Admin Assistant and First Aid Lead: Mrs S Medrano
Welfare Assistants: Mrs S Norwood, Mrs S Tuohy
Cleaning Staff: Mrs Y Doherty, Mrs B Gettins, Mrs M Robino
School Cook: Mrs S Purlan
Kitchen Staff: Mrs L Thornburrow, Mrs R Lloyd, Mrs D Parkes, Miss A Eccles


Curriculum Tutors:

PE: Mr M Thompson
Music: Mrs G Bowen
Dance: Reflections Dance Company


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